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The Ivan Sarić Monument

Ivan Sarić (1876-1966) engaged in bicycling and motorcycling, was also one of the pioneers of aviation. He took off from the Subotica turf by his self-made plane in 1910. The monument was made by Oto Logo.

The Aleksandar Lifka Monument

A. Lifka (1880-1952) established the first travelling cinema in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and opened the first permanent one in Subotica in 1910. He also made films thus contributed to the development of the European cinematography.

The Jovan Nenad Czar Monument

The monument was made by Petar Palavičini between the two World Wars, and was erected on its present place in 1991. Jovan Nenad, the Black, was a controversial historical figure. He declared himself a tzar, and Subotica his capital in 1527, but all lasted for a very short period of time.