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Frequently asked questions

How to reserve a Greeter? 
Once you know the arrival and departure dates to and from Subotica and where you are accommodated, simply go to RESERVE YOUR GREETER and fill out the form. 

What happens after you make a reservation? 
After wards, we'll confirm your tour by e-mail and contact phone number you entered in the reservation, and when you come to town, you'll be contacted by your Greeter to arrange the details of your visit to Subotica. 

How much does it cost to tour with the Greeter? 
Greeters service is organized by the Subotica Tourist Board ant it's completely free for those who want to explore town and its inhabitants. 

What should I do if my travel plans change? 
Every visit is organized according to your wishes, it is dedicated exclusively to your interests and if you find out that your plan has changed, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Where will we meet the Greeter once we're in Subotca? 
All tours begin in front of the Subotica Tourist Information Center, and details of the meeting will be sent to you by the mail. 

Is there a maximum number of people who can go on a Greeter tour? 
Tour can be organized for one person or maximum of six persons, regardless or whether it comes to children or adults. If it is a group of children, at least one person must be over 18 years old. For groups over 6 people, please visit our official web site www.visitsubotica.rsand see a list of licensed tour guides. 

Can children go for a tour? 
Children of all ages are welcome.

Are Greeters trained to work with people with disabilities? 
All visitors to the town are welcome. If you need further assistance, just let us know about it. 

What happens if the weather bad? 
We strive to conduct all tours according to the plan they are scheduled. Large umbrellas can be provided by your Greeter, but Greeter will, in any case, contact you the day before the visit and consult with you. Do not forget to bring appropriate footwear and clothing because the tour will be mostly on foot. 

Can I reserve a Greeter when I'm already in town? 
We need 7 to 10 days to process your request and to combine you with the Greeter. Please note that when you make a reservation. 

Am I guaranteed Greeter when I apply? 
Although the Subotica Tourist Board is always trying to arrange you a meeting with a Greeter, it's not always and in every case possible. 

Can I meet with the Greeter more than once during my stay? 
Since many visitors want to know Subotica in this way, please submit only one application for the tour. 

What's the difference between the Greeter and a professional guide? 
Greeter becomes your friend and shows you the city as he would to a very close friend. He tells you how is it to live in Subotica, you'll learn how to use public transportation, you'll visit the Greeter's favorite restaurants, shops and sites in the city. In return, the Greeter will meet you and you'll tell him about customs and history of the place where you're coming from. 

Is Greeters service travel agency? 
No. Greeters Service is organized by Subotica Tourist Board, as an independent, non-profit organization. 

Are there Greeters programs in other cities? 
Yes! Many cities around the world have their own programs and they are all networked in association called Global Greeter Network. Visit the official site to learn about other cities that you can visit in the same way.