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Frequently asked questions

 What is the role of a Greeter in Greeters service? 
Subotica Tourist Board makes every effort to animate the visitors to meet and explore the town and its surroundings, in a new and interesting way. All of you who want to become presenters of the town, and all of you that think you can meet the needs and wishes of visitors and develop a positive way to present the city are welcome! 

What Greeter volunteers actually do? 
Visitors meet with prominent cultural and ethnic diversity in Subotica and its surrounding area. Greeter shows them lesser-known sights and attractions, street markets, small shops and restaurants that keep the spirit of the city. 
Greeter shows visitors life in Subotica as it is. 
He orients visitors, responds to their questions about public transport and helps them to feel more comfortable and safe in the town. 

Who are the volunteers? How are they choosen and trained? 
Volunteers are individuals of different interests, desires and possibilities that live in Subotica. 
Volunteers are 50% women and 50% men, those who want to expand their friendship, to learn about other cultures, languages and customs, people who love to spread enthusiasm about their town. 
They are selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. 
After submitting the application, selected individuals are invited to an informative talk by the Subotica Tourist Board and then they attend the mandatory course during which they become more familiar with the principles on which the Greeters service is based.

 Do I have to know a foreign language in order to become a Greeter? 
It is not mandatory, but it is desirable. Most of the visitors who send the request for a tour through Greeters service in Subotica, are foreign visitors, and the knowledge of English (or another world language) is an advantage when we choose a potential Greeter. 

I live in Subotica but I have disabilities. Can I become a volunteer? 
Yes, volunteering in our service is open to all. Enthusiasm to volunteering and the city is much more important than your disability. 

Who are the visitors who use Subotica Greeters Service? 
Almost everyone who wish to make friendship that will help him to meet the town, its people, history, culture and customs. These are visitors who have special interests, visitors looking for entertainment, business people and their families, visitors who participate in events that take place in Subotica, visitors with disabilities, clients of international organizations operating in the city, students on the exchange, adventurers, journalists and many others.

Are all visitors welcome in Subotica? 
Absolutely all! Subotica is known for its cultural diversity and our Greeters have no prejudices on any issue. Race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation nor disability are important! 

How do visitors find out about the Greeters service in Subotica? 
Subotica Tourist Board is making a media campaign to inform the public about the service. In addition, the public around the world finds about Greeters Service through our site and they become familiar with our actions and campaigns through various print and electronic media, including newspapers, magazines, tourist guides, television, radio, magazines, hotels, tourist information centers... 

How often should I be available? 
Greeter should be available once a month, for two to four hours. 

How long should I be available to visitors? 
Tours last from two to four hours, depending on many factors such as weather conditions, the interest of visitors, their affinities ... However, if the Greeter and visitors agree, tours can be extended or shortened.

Can I take visitors in parts of the town that I'm not so familiar with? 
It is important that tours are conducted in parts of the town that you known and that you like. That is the only way visitors will be able to fully enjoy the tour.

Do I need to contact the visitor before we go on a tour? 
Yes. When you accept the tour, we will forward you all the details about when and where visitors arrive in town. It is important to contact them by phone before the tour to make sure that they understand where the starting point of the meeting will be, and to agree upon some details of the tour. This will be your responsibility and commitment. It is very important because visitors often misunderstand details, especially if it's their first time in the town. 

Am I going to wear some Greeter service marks? 
Yes. Any of you who pass the training and become an integral part of the Subotica Greeters network will have an ID card with photo and number. It is extremely important to wear it all the time during the tour. 
The card can not be given anyone else. Also, you can not carry the card if you're not on tour or on another task which concerns the Greeters Service only. 
You can not contact any organization, media or anyone as a Greeter unless you get permission from the Service. 

Is there a maximum number of people that I can take on a tour? 
Yes. The maximum number is six persons, regardless or whether they are children or adults. Greeters Subotica network is based on voluntarism and we are not an official tourist guides, and therefore the number of visitors in the group must be small. Remember to check if you have the phone number of visitors in order to arrange the meeting.

Where am I going to meet the visitors before the tour? 
All tours begin at the Tourist Information Center, as it is in the center of town, easy to find and visitors will also feel safer this way. Greeter should indicate the role of the Tourist Information Center to tourists and provide them access to its contents. 

Do I have to be prepared for all weather conditions? 
Yes. Tours are conducted regardless of weather conditions. In case of rain, large umbrellas can be obtained at the Tourist Information Center and you'll use them during the visit (must be returned when the tour ends). In the case of a large storm Greeter must contact visitors to agree about the feasibility of the tour. 

What happens if I happen to have an emergency and can not make a tour? 
If there is an emergency on the day of the tour, which means that you are not able to do a tour, please notify your group and our organization. If an emergency happens the day before the appointed meeting inform our organization and we will inform your group. 
It is very important that our Greeters are reliable and that you don't cancel tours except in exceptional circumstances. 

Do I always have to be on time? 
As a presenter of our city, it is important to be accurate or even to get a little earlier so you can meet with your group. In the case of immediate delays, you must be sure that you have a cell phone number of someone in your group, to let them know about it. 

What is my security during the visit? 
Your security is one of the most important things that we do. Therefore, Greeter is not allowed to go to the hotel room to invite visitors in his or her home and use their car or go to the tour by visitors car. 

Do I need to encourage visitors to use public transportation? 
Yes. Public transport is usually the best way to get to know the town and how it works. Remember that you are with your group for about 2 hours and after that they will have to manage around the town themselves. It is therefore, very important to explain how the public transportation in the town and its surroundings function.

Are my costs paid? 
You and visitors are responsible, each for their expenses during the tour of the city. 

Can I accept compensation for the tour if it's offered by visitors? 
Since the Subotica Greeters Service is volunteer, you can not accept money for any reason you are being offered. If a visitors insist to express gratitude on this way, remind them to make a donation to Greeters Service and not to you.

Do I have to respect all the rules of Subotica Greeters Service? 
You are expected to follow the rules contained in the document Global Greeters Network published because it is the safest and most professional way to do volunteer tours. 
If you refuse to comply with it, or violate the rules of conduct that are listed in the document, you can be excluded from Subotica Greeters Service, and we reserve the right to refuse potential Greeters for any reason if we believe that such action is justified and it is in the best interest of Subotica Greeters Service.

How is Greeters Subotica Service financed? 
Although the service is voluntary, there are costs incurred to operate the entire system in the best possible way and financial support from international and domestic corporations, funds and individuals is welcome.